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Phils Emporium features in Regional Lifestyle Magazine

In February this year Elizabeth Tickle, the Editor of Regional Lifestyle Magazine, called into Phil's Emporium and dropped off her business card, asking if we'd like to be a community feature in the Spring edition of the maga-zine.

The Regional Lifestyle Magazine was heading to it's 30th edition and focuses on the people and personalities behind the busi-nesses and organisations in the towns. Bungendore, Braidwood and Queanbeyan were to be the feature towns after a rough sea-son of bushfires and economic struggle.

Later in March, reporter Jake Lindsay turned up three hours early, and on the same day we had to close Phil's Emporium due to the Covid pandemic. Mike and

Chloe had a short period of time to talk with Jake and take some pho-tos before non-essential business-es closed due to the pandemic.

Jake spent some time asking ques-tions and taking photos - he was very interested in all things royal - and we found out that Jake's mum and Kerrie's (one of our lovely Wednesday volunteers!) mum were great friends in Coonaba-rabran. Jake said they have never done an article on a Vicar before so it was a lovely to be included in this edition. Jake bought some books and off he went to report on more people.

Five months passed and the Spring Edition hit the shelves in August! We were thrilled with the article and as the magazine has a huge number of stockists, news of Phil's Emporium will be spread right around NSW and in parts of Victoria. We have had several customers visit recently who had heard about us first from reading the Regional Lifestyle Magazine!

Copies have sold out at Caltex in Bungendore but are available at the Newsagency in the Crawford Centre in Queanbeyan.

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