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Visiting Captains Treasure @ Captains Flat

Saturday morning dawned grey and cool in Bungendore, not at all as was promised by the weatherman. Jill & I thought it would be an ideal time for a long overdue drive to Captains Flat and I had to admit its been some years since my last visit. We easily located Captains Treasure and had a most enjoyable time there chatting to the local volunteers and some customers. We came away with some treasures too and a very good impression of this amazing little op shop in the beautiful old church on the hill. It was highly recommended that we visit the Captains Flat Men's Shed too, just down the street, where we enjoyed a Flat White, a toasted sandwich and a bacon and egg roll. We were especially lucky today too because there was free banana cake with the coffees! Again we had a great chat with the locals and were impressed with their efforts to build and establish a sidewalk cafe at the men's shed.

Thankyou Captains Flat, we will certainly be back!

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